Consumers don’t believe pharma companies are health experts

no-expertsKEY TAKEAWAY: Continued research indicates that consumers don’t view pharma companies as experts in providing health information and will visit other health sites to obtain information on health conditions.

As we progress in research to develop an Unbranded cancer website, we’re getting a clearer picture of what patients and caregivers want.  What we found last week was that pharma product websites ranked near the bottom in “sources of health information” for online health seekers with many saying they would avoid pharma website search results.


The primary reason was not “trust” in content, but rather missing or incomplete content in response to their questions.  We also found that rather than going to just one health site, like WebMD, the majority of online health seekers go to two or more health sites.


1ne: Health content is essential to your product website so conduct research to determine what website visitors want and need.  The goal is to keep them on your site.

2wo: Content written by HCP’s is continually rated high and valid.  Reach out to your thought leaders to write content.

3hree: Don’t underestimate content on “managing and living with..” when it comes to health issues.


4our: Content has to be updated and refreshed, especially when there are topics in the news about your product or in the health condition in which you compete.

Answer the questions of your audience based on their needs and become experts in the area in which you compete.