Change of leadership is needed badly at the FDA and CDC


  • It’s almost impossible for the average person to get accurate and reliable information from the media.
  • Even vaccine booster shots are being debated by HCPs and Pfizer.
  • We need to follow the science.
  • Physiican trust in the FDA is decling as well.
  • The best way to get accurate health information may be to follow noted physicians on social media.

It’s almost impossible for the average person to get accurate and reliable information from the media. Even the CDC is once again stepped into quicksand. Per a WSJ editorial, “the CDC on Tuesday issued murky new guidance, without backup evidence, recommending that vaccinated people resume wearing masks indoors in some cases because unpublished studies suggest they could transmit the virus. But on Thursday, the Washington Post ran an alarmist story on an internal CDC slide presentation with the unpublished evidence, which triggered a media panic that could undermine vaccinations. Only on Friday afternoon did the agency release some of its evidence and offer a calmer explanation”.

If that’s not bad enough, there seems to be a lot of conflicting information on booster shots. The NEJM study said the following “only modest differences in vaccine effectiveness were noted with the delta variant as compared with the alpha variant after the receipt of two vaccine doses. Absolute differences in vaccine effectiveness were more marked after the receipt of the first dose. This finding would support efforts to maximize vaccine uptake with two doses among vulnerable populations.”

Then, Dr. Jalal Baig, oncologist, wrote “the statements of pharmaceutical companies run counter to the realities of medical science and insult the sophistication of the body’s immune system. After creating wondrous vaccines whose efficacy far exceeded even the most optimistic expectations, Pfizer seems to be attempting to create a new multibillion-dollar need for boosters that does not clearly exist outside older people or people who are immunocompromised.”

But as we move forward in a world in which Covid becomes a part of our daily lives, science rather than the avarice of pharmaceutical executives must be our propelling force on matters of vaccines and public health. “The CEOs of companies are the main messengers on boosters as opposed to scientists. Those who stand to profit get to message,” Gandhi asserted. “We need to clear ourselves of conflict of interest before we discuss this problem.

Dr. Jalal Baig, oncologist

Even the NY Times is scaring people reporting COVID breakthroughs when it was just people testing positive for COVID. You can be vaccinated an test positive and never have symptoms or get sick. You would think the Times would know better.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Spherix Global Insights revealed a survey of 252 specialists in dermatology, gastroenterology, nephrology, neurology, and rheumatology, fielded on July 25, revealed confidence in the FDA is swiftly dwindling. Only 36% express a high level of assurance in the agency, with nearly one-half reporting that their confidence with the FDA has eroded in the past year. Sentiment is most negative related to being unbiased/apolitical, the speed of New Drug Application (NDA) reviews, and transparency with the medical community. The dissatisfaction seems to stem from unpredictable and unexpected moves from the agency, which differ by specialty.

Can it get any worse? Yes. People who have received the vaccine and are fully vaccinated are getting angry at people who haven’t been vaccinated, even though polls show many reasons. The Times looked into the reasons why so many people haven’t received the vaccine and found “

In one group are those who say they are adamant in their refusal of the coronavirus vaccines; they include a mix of people but tend to be disproportionately white, rural, evangelical Christian, and politically conservative, surveys show.

In the other are those who say they are open to getting a shot but have been putting it off or want to wait and see before making a decision; they are a broad range of people but tend to be a more diverse and urban group, including many younger people, Black and Latino Americans, and Democrats.

New York Times

I’ve been in healthcare digital marketing for over 20 years and have never seen so much misinformation and outright lies. I understand the media gets more clicks with scare headlines, but I’m perturbed about people who act on misinformation. Even though it’s safe to practice social distancing, Lollapalooza organizers expect 110,000 people a day for the four-day music festival in what is sure to be a super-spreader event.

Axios reported, “of the 164 million vaccinated Americans, around 125,000 people have tested positive for breakthrough infections and 0.001% have died, according to state data compiled from state dashboards by NBC and data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” So then why would the media and CDC continue to push the panic button?

The best way to find accurate information is to follow physicians on social media. I’ve found that they are a great source of information and do their best to try and explain the facts. It’s going to be harder for DTC marketers to break through all the misinformation online, and, more importantly, the FDA and CDC are a mess.

Our healthcare system is a mess right now. Change and real leadership are needed badly.