Some people who work for a pharma company are unethical as they have put profits ahead of patients. Many good people have found themselves in difficult situations as drug prices are set beyond the reach of many patients. They may be doing their best to make a difference, but at some point in time, employees need to determine if they are selling their souls for a paycheck.

The pharma industry, known for its significant contributions to medical advancements and public health, is experiencing a concerning trend. A growing number of individuals are actively avoiding pursuing careers in pharma. This blog post delves into the underlying factors contributing to this shift and explores why so many people steer clear of this once-promising field.

Since the 1930s, the National Institutes of Health has invested nearly $900 billion in the basic and applied research that formed the pharma and biotech sectors. 75% of so-called new molecular entities with priority ratings (the most innovative drugs) trace their existence to NIH funding, while companies spend more on “me too” drugs.

No industry refuses to bow to the prevailing headwinds of change more than big pharma. If you have a high level of empathy, there are better places to be. Yes, there are people alive today because of the drugs we develop, but too many people are also determining how they will manage when out-of-pocket copays delete their savings. We need change with the new blood of employees that care more about people than profits.