The perils of empowered patients

8-2POST SUMMARY: Not only do patients have to worry about which drug company paid their physician, they need to determine if their generic drug is the same as the branded equivalent and if their insurance company will allow their doctor to write for a specific medication.  What is pharma doing to help patients navigate the complex world of empowered patient choices? Continue reading

Drug companies should build their own online communities

When it comes to healthcare treatment options patients want to know what to expect and they trust each other a hell of a lot more than advertisers.  In fact 80% of respondents in a recent research study participate in online groups to help others by sharing information and experiences. and 66% participate in a professional community to belong to a group of colleagues and peers.  41% participate in groups to be seen as someone knowledgeable.  What are the implications ? Continue reading

5 things pharma digital marketing needs to do before social media

"Priorities" Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.While we await final social media marketing guidelines from the FDA there are a number of basic digital marketing initiatives that eMarketing and brand teams should be doing 1st before trying to win social media Pioneer awards. Continue reading

Quality of life & prescription drugs

baby_boomers_bikingThis week, among the many press releases I receive, was some information that indicated that cancer patients would choose less aggressive  treatments because of potential side effects.  This tells me that today, patients are more worried about quality of life when it comes to choosing healthcare treatments. This is something that all DTC marketers need to note because all the DTC ads in the world are not going to overcome a list of really bad potential side effects. Continue reading

Multichannel pharma marketing

mazePharma see’s digital as a strategic way to reduce costs and increase marketing efficiencies and , with some investment, that thesis can be validated.  However today’s consumer and physicians have a lot of channels at their disposal when it comes to health information.  Like consumer packaged goods companies pharma organizations are going to have to become a lot better when it comes to multichannel marketing. Continue reading