Advertising is meant to “sell” your product, but the pharma industry is unique because people don’t just see an ad for a prescription drug and run to their doctor. There is a path between awareness and asking for/receiving an Rx. It’s more than just about understanding; it’s about being relevant to the needs of online health seekers.

SUMMARY: Omnichannel marketing employs the simultaneous implementation of channels across personal, non-personal, and media and addresses the integrated needs of multiple stakeholders – consumers/patients, healthcare professionals, and payers. Sounds good but is that the answer?

SUMMARY: Online health seekers are increasing in number, but so is the prevalence of inaccurate health information. Drug side effects are among the most talked about in social media, and patients are more concerned about side effects. They may not be willing to risk potential side effects like pancreatitis. DTC marketers need to reassure their audiences that drugs have been thoroughly tested and are indeed “safe and effective.”