Yes, there will be changes in healthcare in the coming years but put away the thoughts that telehealth and wearable devices will revolutionize healthcare. More and more patients demand a level of service they want with the increased costs of health insurance premiums. Here are things I believe are more realistic.


  • People are going online more and more to sarch for health information after seeing a DTC pharma TV spot.
  • Pharma websites are not consdiered a top resource for infromation on new products.
  • Cost is not that big of an issue for people who have health insurance.
  • It’s more about weighing the benefit against the potential side effects.
  • TV spots are the number one way people learn about new pharma products.


  • According to the NEJM “in participants with overweight or obesity, 2.4 mg of semaglutide once weekly plus lifestyle intervention was associated with sustained, clinically relevant reduction in body weight”.
  • In the clinical study, participants were enrolled in an “intensive” behavioral study with 8 weeks low-calorie diet.
  • Yet the media has led with “diabetes drug leads to major weight loss”.
  • Will doctors inform patients?


  • Google has vowed to block cookies completely on its Chrome browser, which is used by around 70 percent of the world’s desktop computer owners, by the beginning of 2022.
  • Display ads are usually reported to have an overall click rate of about five clicks in ten thousand ads served. If you want to know why the web is so appallingly littered with ads, it’s because to get five clicks you have to run 10,000 ads. If that’s not bad enough, 60% of the clicks are reported to be mistakes.
  • In one test, data bought from a data broker was able to correctly intuit the sex of an individual 43% of the time. A cat flipping a coin would be right 50% of the time.
  • According to Nielsen traditional TV viewing (over-the-air and cable) account for about 2/3 of all TV viewing and streaming accounts for only about 25%. The rest of TV time is used for gaming. Despite all the hype about Netflix, it accounts for about 2% of TV viewing.