In an ideal world, healthcare should be accessible, efficient, and responsive to patients’ needs. Unfortunately, for many individuals, the reality is quite different. One of the most significant challenges patients face today is the prolonged wait times for appointments and subsequent treatments. This issue not only causes frustration but can also have severe implications for health outcomes.

Pharma ads bombard consumers through various media channels, from television commercials to internet pop-ups. These advertisements often promise relief from ailments and improved quality of life. However, behind the glossy promises lie a myriad of barriers that patients face when attempting to access these advertised drugs.

Going to the doctor may never be a fun experience, but surely it can be better than it is right now. In 2019, even before the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the foundations of health care, an Ipsos survey found that 43% of Americans were unsatisfied with their medical system, far more than the 22% of people in the U.K. and 26% of people in Canada. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s wrong.