Pharma sales forces not using digital the right way

screenshot_381KEY TAKEAWAY:From InTouch Solutions comes this juicy bit of information…Pharma companies have made significant investments in outfitting their sales forces with tablet devices and the promotional content that drives them. Today, tablet devices such as the iPad® have become integral to rep-physician interactions. But while most sales reps today are armed with tablets and digital sales aids (DSAs), many are not using them effectively – or worse, they just aren’t using them at all. Continue reading

Do doctors really prescribe because of drug company marketing ?

benefit_plan_geneva_ilIn case you have been in hibernation for the last couple of years trust between physicians and drug companies is, to say the least, strained.  Often physicians, when presented with clinical trial information from drug companies, go to the internet and colleagues to to ensure what drug reps are telling them is in fact true.  To suggest that physicians prescribe a product because of drug company marketing is, in most cases, just wrong. Continue reading

IT: Hinderance or help for drug marketers ?

According to Manhattan Research “Physician tablet adoption for professional purposes almost doubled since 2011, reaching  62 percent in 2012, with the iPad being the dominant platform. Furthermore, one-half of tablet-owning physicians have used their device at the point-of-care.”  This is a great opportunity for drug companies to reach physicians but they shouldn’t be limited by restrictions placed on them by IT departments. Continue reading