Short on Time?

  • Adalytics reported that for nine months, billions of ad auctions for space on Gannett’s USA Today website resulted in brands unknowingly getting stuck with their ads running on other Gannett sites — often remote community sites.
  • Ads from who-knows-how-many companies ran in the wrong places for nine months.
  • Not a single brand noticed this, and not a single media buyer noticed the fraud.
  • Online ad fraud is costing pharma millions

It’s time to stop using worthless online ad metrics. Click-through rates are the most used KPI in marketing, but they are useless. Click-through rates don’t correlate with any meaningful brand metrics. Billions of dollars are “optimized” based on nothing but noise. “One impression’ is one web browser making one server request for one advertisement. Human eyeballs have nothing to do with it, so it’s all useless.

An increasing number of headlines amplifying many incomplete data around telehealth have led industry stakeholders to extrapolate discrete data points about telehealth to the entire U.S. population. Using an economic framework to analyze national telehealth data. Only 25.6% of Americans utilized telehealth during the two years of the pandemic. Said another way, investments in the telehealth market have been made on the thesis that telehealth is preferred among most Americans. But the reality is that all these efforts are being dedicated to only a subset of the U.S. population. (Source: Trilliant Health Feb 2022)