SUMMARY: According to a report from Cardinal Health “although half of all participating oncologists said they place restrictions on the access sales representatives have to their practices, 71 percent agree that sales representatives play an important role in helping them learn about new therapies and 44 percent said representatives are one of the top sources they rely upon for this information”. But is this really true?

SUMMARY: Senator McConnell vowed to block prescription drug plan that would save $345 billion calling it a “socialist” program that would do “damage to the healthcare system.” He also defended a lawsuit to undo the Affordable Care Act’s protection of insurance for pre-existing health conditions even though it’s become a problem for Republican candidates in the campaign for control of Congress. A politician bought by pharma.

OPENING: Opening your own medical practice is a natural step in many people’s career paths, but it comes with many challenges. One of the most significant hurdles can simply be getting your name out there, and it can take time to build a decent patient list within your community. That’s why you can’t just sit around waiting for referrals. You need to get out there and market your new practice, ensuring that when people need your services, you’re the first place they think about. Here are some simple marketing tips for medical practices.