H2H Marketing in Biopharma: A Utopian ideal, naïveté or the inevitable and needed conclusion.

screenshot_03Summary: Guest blogger Alfred O’Neill discusses the emerging mass market marketing philosophy called H2H – Human2Human – and how it is best applied in Biopharma industry. He also offers some examples and recommendations on how companies can master this new approach. Continue reading

Why I won’t be attending Digital Pharma East

noGUEST POST – I’m a Senior Director for a top pharmaceutical company here on the East Coast and manage 6 digital marketing people, but I am not going to attend the Digital Pharma East.  I would like to share the reasons and give you some pause as to whether you should go or use the time, and money, more wisely. Continue reading

A pharma insiders POV

guestpostI retired from a leading pharmaceutical company in 2012 as a Senior Vice President.  Like you I have been doing some consulting but this year I decided that most pharmaceutical clients were only interested in the business aspect of the products we market.  Somewhere along the way the industry, which I still care about dearly has lost its way and unless they get it back, I’m afraid there’s going to be a lot more downsizing. Continue reading

A patient’s voice

screenshot_1526My name is Amy.  I am 28 and was recently diagnosed with MS . I came across your website while conducting one of my many searches to learn about MS and I want to share my experience with your readers.  I believe that people who work within the industry like you can learn from people just like me.I am a 28 year old, single, professional woman. Last year when I started to have problems with my vision I was diagnosed with optic neuritis but I still didn’t feel like myself.  I had to go back to my doctor a number of times and request a referral to a neurologist. After a spinal tap it was confirmed that I had MS. Continue reading