Clinicians are people, Platforms inspired by consumers; built for pharma

Clinicians are people – just like us. Like us, most of them are busy, have friends and start their day on social media. In just the last two years, our media habits changed dramatically and there are a wealth of opportunities to reach clinicians while using the Internet which has become invaluable to everyone. Continue reading

7 Ways That Millennials are Changing the Healthcare Industry

hispanic-millenials-healthcareThe millennial wave is officially upon us; in-fact they have just overtaken the baby boomers as the largest generation. This group, ranging in age from 18 to 34, is quickly becoming one of the key influencers in the healthcare industry. While they might not be taking full advantage of the healthcare options available to them (that group right now would be the baby boomer generation), they are starting to have much more influence over how the healthcare industry goes about their business. Continue reading