Patients who adhere to their medication regi- mens enjoy better health outcomes and make less use of urgent care and inpatient hospital services, compared to patients with similar medi- cal conditions who are not adherent. Yet average medication compliance rates in developed countries of just 50 percent.  With so many drugs coming off patent is it time for pharma to really tackle adherence ?

Wilko-Johnson-refuses-cancer-treatment-after-last-diagnosisPOST SUMMARY: According to the Dallas Morning News, five years ago, cancer treatment accounted for just $157 billion of the nation’s annual $2.6 trillion health bill. Propelled by new drugs and an aging population, however, cancer spending is rising quickly. A forecast from the National Cancer Institute said spending could hit $207 billion by the end of the decade.

bg_biosimilarPOST SUMMARY: Biosimilars are possible thanks to the Affordable Care Act and the law’s promise to bring cheaper versions of expensive biotech drugs to the U.S. market.  The biosimilar of Neupogen will save the U.S. health system more than $5.5 billion over the next decade, assuming a “conservative discount of 30 percent off the current brand price,” Express Scripts said

8532826-a-prescription-pill-bottle-with-rolls-of-cash-in-it--concept-or-metaphor-for-cost-of-drugsPOST SUMMARY: CVS, the nation’s biggest health-related company with nearly $140 billion in annual sales , says this new strata of cholesterol drugs, believed to be a cut above previous medications, would severely strain the healthcare system if prescribed to all the 15 million Americans who could benefit from the drugs.