KEY TAKEAWAY: Bruce Grant, an industry veteran recently said on LinkedIn “shareholder value” and value to society (or even customers) are not the same thing. And when they are in direct opposition, as in “activist investor”-driven pharma M&A — which to date has generated billions in fees for investment bankers and capital gains for the aforementioned “activist investors”while consistently destroying the long-term value of the companies involved — it should be called out for the kind of antisocial parasitism that it is”.

KEY TAKEAWAY: In 2015, SCORR’s Health Sciences Marketing Trends Survey Report found[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””] 60 percent of companies have a marketing team consisting of five or fewer professionals; however, in 2016 that number jumped to 79 percent.[/inlinetweet] Is this an anomaly or is this the start of a new trend in the health sciences industry? If this is the new trend, what could be the cause? No, it’s not new, and yes, it’s going to continue.

KEY TAKEAWAY:  Vertex received approval for a new two-drug therapy called Orkambi, designed to treat 8,500 cystic fibrosis patients over the age of 12 who have the most common mutation for this disease. Vertex has priced this drug at $259,000 per patient annually and, not surprisingly, many are outraged. One patient said ““It’s egregious, this is more than five times the annual salary of the average American family. How can they in good conscience charge that much?