Medicare for All is a single-payer healthcare system that provides government-funded health insurance to all Americans. It is a popular proposal among progressives, but there are several reasons why it is unlikely to work in the United States. Nobody should have to empty their savings to pay for needed medical care. Healthcare is a fundamental human right; everyone should receive quality care regardless of income.

Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease, yet there is division in its causes and treatment options. Leqembi, in a clinical trial, slowed cognitive decline by 27 percent over 18 months compared with a placebo. That represented a five-month delay in progression — dismissed as negligible by some but hailed as a milestone by others for a mainly untreatable malady.

Big Pharma corporations are killing and bankrupting Americans for profit. They charge us outrageous prices for life-saving and sustaining medications, far more than in other wealthy countries. Even worse? These medications were developed with our public taxpayer dollars! That was one opening in a recent story online about the pharma industry. While information like this tends to be extreme, people think what THEY want to think.