Based on the available data, I’m not clear and skeptical at this moment,” said Yale professor Reshma Ramachandran. “I would have a lot of reservations about prescribing this. “I do think one of the things that have given us a lot of pause…is the risk and the death issue. Nobody wants to be the clinician prescribing a drug that could potentially harm our patients,” she added.” That is just the tip of the problem.

The FDA has approved an Alzheimer’s drug that slowed the rate of cognitive decline in clinical trials without using an advisory committee. The high drug cost — priced at $26,000 per year, Eisai said — combined with strict restrictions on reimbursement by US government-funded health schemes will severely limit the number of patients able to access the medicine, at least for now. What is going on here?

There is no doubt that the digital environment is going through a shakeout. Except for TikTok, social media use is declining, and even Amazon is finding out that technology can’t lead to more profits. The way people search for health information has plateaued, but Dr. Internet will still be the first place many people look for health information. Here are some things some DTC marketers should focus on.

Diabetes is expected to surge dramatically in young people over the next several decades in what experts say should be a wake-up call to prioritize health in America. Researchers estimate that in 2060, there could be as many as 220,000 people under age 20 with Type 2 diabetes, an increase of nearly 700%, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study. But Lilly’s new weight loss drug could be massive. According to an estimate from Bank of America analyst Geoff Meacham, annual sales of tirzepatide could hit a record $48 billion.

More than 25 million people will use the internet to search for health information. Estimates vary regarding the number of medically related sites on the web, but they number at least 100 000. Only about half of these sites have their content reviewed by doctors. The biggest problem with obtaining health information from the internet is that it is not always easy to decide what is reliable.