Biogen’s hail Mary DTC ads

UnknownKEY SUMMARY: Biogen’s DTC ad for Tecdidera clearly shows that they need help in DTC marketing and ignores the realities of MS patients talking to one another.

Biogen may want to listen carefully to what patients are saying about Tecfidera and it’s DTC ads.   One person remarked that Biogen raised the price 6% to hit sales numbers while others within the MS community are throwing darts at the ads.

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I have been monitoring MS patients on social media for almost a year now and found that they are a tight integrated community who share a lot of information and are keen on new drugs in development.  From the social media, it’s easy to see why this Biogen drug is in trouble, so I would then ask the question “what makes Biogen think that a DTC ad is going to change the current issues?”.  Does Biogen really believe people are not going to do their homework before deciding to ask for this drug?

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