Biogen takes MS message directly to patients

POST SUMMARY: Grass roots marketing is not dead as Biogen gets MS patients and caregivers together for a talk on fighting MS with new medications.  However, execution is hindered by a “dead link”.


The copy on the email is good “finding inspiration to fight multiple sclerosis (MS) comes in many forms. One way is by asking questions, such as: How do I know if my current treatment is doing enough? During this event, MS specialists and patients will address topics like this and more to help you fight your best fight. After all, questioning your health is a sign of strength” but clicking on the link takes users to a dead page within the product website.


The free seminar highlights a physician from The Neurology Foundation in Providence, RI and Steven G. Triedman an MS Advocate.  The relationship between these two speakers and Biogen is not disclosed, but one can assume that they are being compensated for their time.

As someone who has done some research with MS patients I can say that they are highly likely to respond to a program like this and I wonder how many will come out of this seminar with questions for their treating neurologist.  As long as grassroots efforts like this provide good information without the  hard sell patients will find them valuable.  However, this eMail clearly shows that testing links before they are sent out are a necessity for every organization.