The best way to reduce health costs

wellness64-crop-600x338KEY TAKEAWAY: Health costs can be reduced through an implementation of wellness programs at the point of care.  It requires an investment by insurance companies, but, strategically, could lead to lower overall costs.

Employers are cutting back on employee wellness programs at a time when they are needed by all of us.  The cost, to our health care system, of preventable lifestyle, health problems is estimated to be in the billions of dollars.

What if, as part of your annual physical, you were scheduled to meet with people focused on “wellness” (diet, exercise, stress management).  In fact, if a patient is found to be overweight insurers should require a consult with a wellness HCP or face increases in health insurance premiums.


For consumers who complain about high drug prices the best reward would be to get into a position where they didn’t need these drugs.  Now I’m not an idealist and understand that most people are having time balancing work, commutes and family, which is why leadership is needed to bring employers to the table.  I’m not naive enough to believe that we will ban work emails on weekends and after 7PM but until we acknowledge that there is a direct relationship between wellness and healthcare costs our health costs are going to continue to rise.