About Richard Meyer

Passionate, award-winning Marketing and Media Executive with an MBA and 15+ years success implementing cutting-edge strategies. Career highlights include driving development/launch of a groundbreaking e-Marketing branding initiative for Eli Lilly product Cialis that led to Website becoming #1 online pharma destination (and #1 in prescription conversions), increasing leads 30% and ROI 38% for $1B manufacturer Medtronic

Pharma websites aren’t convincing visitors

KEY TAKEAWAY: The results of an exit survey on two top pharma websites had terrible news for the marketing team. Less than 10% of visitors to the site were going to ask their doctor for/about the medication, and the vast majority (84%) said the website failed to answer their questions about the drug or health condition.

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Public trusts drug companies but…

KEY TAKEAWAY: The public sees profits made by pharmaceutical companies as a major factor contributing to the price of prescription drugs. Majorities of the public trust pharmaceutical companies (either “a lot” or “somewhat”) to be good stewards in terms of developing new effective drugs (71 percent), and offering reliable information to consumers about drug safety and side effects (65 percent) as well as drug efficacy (61 percent).

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An Executive order on drug prices is unconstitutional

KEY TAKEAWAY: Trump’s threat to issue an executive order on drug pricing, if issued, will be overturned as “unconstitutional”. There are no quick fixes to rein on excessive healthcare costs. They can only be addressed through a thorough bipartisan review of the way our healthcare system function.

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The current economic cost of unpaid family care is about $67 billion

KEY TAKEAWAY: The current economic cost of unpaid family care is about $67 billion and includes reduced work hours and foregone earnings for Americans 20 to 64 years old who take time off from their jobs to help a loved one manage serious medical issues. This is based on population demographics and wage data from 2013.

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Drug prices rising because of pressure from shareholders to deliver higher profits

KEY TAKEAWAY: So far in 2019, more than 3,400 drugs have boosted their prices, a 17% increase compared with the roughly 2,900 drug price increases at the same time in 2018, according to a new analysis by Rx Saving Solutions, a consultant to health plans and employers. The average price hike for those 3,400 drugs stands at 10.5% or about 5 times the rate of inflation, the study found.

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