Authenticity and pharma

UnknownPOST SUMMARY: Today, consumers of healthcare want authenticity when researching health information, but that means a lot of things to different people.

As I look over a years worth of research with online ehealth consumers one of the consistent needs is for authenticity in websites.  We wanted to gain a better in depth understanding of just what that meant so we went back, via more research to ask people.  Here is what we found…

1ne: “Talk to me”eHealth consumers want content to talk to them as patients/caregivers and not like a sales brochure.  When we asked people to describe the content we heard terms like “white, generic, vanilla”.

2wo: “Show me you understand what I’m going through” – One word “empathy”.


3hree: Don’s use actor portrayal images, use images of real people not models.

4our: Don’t hide your products side effects – They know about fair balance, but they want to know more which is why your safety page is probably in the top 10% of page views.

5ive: Content needs to be updated frequently.  You need to address issues in the news when it breaks,  not months later.

Remember that your product website is one stop in the search for online health information and deciding if  your product is right for them  Perhaps no other DTC marketing initiative is as important as that first impression via your website.  There are no shortcuts to a great online branded experience.