Apple could be a real threat for EHR vendors

KEY TAKEAWAY: If Apple, or Microsoft, can enter the EHR market it could mean real trouble for current vendors like Athena.  Make no mistake, no EHR company is currently in a comfortable position and could be sent packing very easily.

HCP staff really dislike the current crop of EHR vendors. They hate the cost, they hate the frequent upgrades that require relearning and patients dislike the non user friendly interfaces.  I know because I caught an earful earlier this year when I sat in on some research with HCP staff.

If Apple, or Microsoft for that matter, can develop a very intuitive user interface that helps office staff save time and that doctors can actually use there is going to be a very interesting battle in the EHR market.

When we talked to HCP office staff about EHR’s they really unloaded on us.  We weren’t prepared for so many complaints, but what really seemed to get them upset was that “not one EHR vendor had ever asked them what THEY want/need”.  One office manager told us of an update that required everyone in the office to relearn the interface that was about as user friendly as Java code.

If, however, Apple and Microsoft are working on EHR’s just for patients that require patients to enter all the data they can forget it.  Patients just don’t have the time or patience to enter data and taking data from health apps won’t be useful until physicians re confident that the data is accurate.