American Cancer Society: DTC done right

  • The American Cancer Society is currently running DTC commercials that feature cancer patients.
  • The ads are simple but effective because they use empathy and “real people” instead of actors.
  • DTC marketers could learn a lot from this campaign.

The ads are simple.  “I had cancer, I did, but I beat it” says one person while another shows a woman who just finished chemo saying that she hopes her next test will show positive results.  However, what they’re communicating is that the American Cancer Society helped them through this terrible time even though they didn’t know what the ACS did before they had cancer.

The ACS’s website is a great resource tool for cancer patients and caregivers.  What I especially like is its simplicity and intuitive navigation with real patient stories.

DTC marketers could learn a lot from their approach.  Real people who hit the heart with their stories rather than superimposed brand names with black and white video.   Kudo’s to the ACS for their ads and approach they have my donation.