Allergan falls for facebook propaganda

KEY TAKEAWAY: Facebook has been courting pharma advertisers and it looks like one company took the bait. With only 12,000 followers can you say the page has been a success? Probably not, especially when there are other facebook pages on migraines that have more followers.

Allergan deserves a round of applause to trying to reach new patients via an unbranded facebook page, but as the stats show so far the results have been modest at best.  Now the question is shy?

First off there are several pages on migraine on facebook that already have a lot of followers.  Allergan should have analyzed these pages to determine what they were offering and how their online value could have been stronger.

Of course, content is king and Allergan’s facebook page is, at best, bland.  Learn about treatment options, frankly, is not really appropriate when on the other facebook pages on migraine are patients sharing ideas and how to manage their days when they have migraines.

Finally the page is from a drug company who, as we well know, is not really trusted when it comes to health information.

What could/should have been done?

1ne: Analyze the content of all facebook pages on migraines.  Which posts led to the most engagement?  Which posts were read the most?

2wo: Test content, retest content and hire someone who can manage the page everyday.  Responses usually in one day is not satisfactory in Internet time.

3hree: Video interviews with patients and, more importantly, doctors who can talk about subjects that will engage migraine suffers.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Pharma does not have the luxury of experimenting with social media without ensuring that they leverage why people are using social media.[/inlinetweet]