Align DTC marketing around the patient journey

KEY TAKEAWAY:Over the past 12–18 months, [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]61% of marketers say they’ve become more focused on evolving from a traditional marketing structure to roles aligned with a customer journey strategy[/inlinetweet] . Recent years have introduced a slew of new positions, ranging from “customer experience analyst” to “lifecycle marketing. DTC marketing should be aligned around the patient journey, not just traditional marketing.

I could make a strong argument that DTC marketing has not changed much over the last ten years while the patient journey has changed dramatically.  There are some companies that are dabbling in digital but very few have had huge successes and full embraced the patient journey. Here are some aspects of DTC marketing that should be divided within brand teams:

1ne: Initial Launch

DTC Marketing Objective: Awareness

Measurement: Running metrics of awareness within the target audience of your product.

Primary Channel: TV, provided market is big enough, Print and product website.


2wo: Growth/Conversion

DTC Marketing Objective: Conversion

Measurement: New Rx’s, subset new Rx’s as measured against DTC objectives.

Primary Channel: Digital with relevant messages where your audience is online. Point-of-care at physician’s office.


3hree: Compliane/Adherence 

Compliance Blue Marker

DTC Marketing Objective: Ensure patients stay on therapy and take their medications as prescribed.

Measurement: Product Rx refills

Primary Channel: Online, eMail, patient services via phone, if not intrusive, to help patients navigate insurance hurdles.

While the above list is a simplification of the patient journey each one has the potential to have a lot more tactics to ensure brand objectives are successful.  This is a key reason why DTC marketing needs to be split into each objective with people who can manage and implement tactics at key points within the patient journey.

A DTC campaign focused on awareness doesn’t cut it anymore. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””] There are just too many barriers and too much noise between awareness and patients filling an Rx.[/inlinetweet]