Alexa, please renew my prescription

51xen2uyoyl-_sl1000_KEY TAKEAWAY: Google, Amazon and Apple all have, or are planning to enter, the smart home market.  These devices are the future of home and life automation and there are opportunities for insurers, pharma companies and pharmacies to integrate compliance and adherence programs.

The smart home market is expected to grow from USD $46.97 Billion in 2015 to USD $121.73 Billion by 2022.  That represents a major opportunity for healthcare.


Imagine if you could tell your smart home device to renew your prescription or make an appointment with your doctor for Friday afternoon?  When connected to your calender the device can also remind you of any upcoming meetings or appointments, but more importantly, it can remind patients to either take their medications, renew Rx’s or check their blood sugar. Patients should also be able to ask these devices about medication side effects.

The market is just starting to warm up, but this is the opportunity for pharma marketers to get on the ground floor NOW.  They can experiment and incorporate their learnings into a service/product that patients will actually want to use.  When connected to a fitness device, it may also be able to remind users that they need more steps or congratulate them on reaching 10,000 steps for the day.


Make no mistake about it, the connected smart home market is going to get real hot and devices are going to grow smarter and more intuitive.  This is one opportunity that pharma can’t be at the airport when the ship  comes in.