A new era of pharma marketing?

  • Just 13% of people trust the pharma companies they interact with.
  • 68% say the interactions feel transactional.
  • Only a third agree that organizations know their communication preferences.

Communication and transparency are vital to building trust, which necessitates a shift away from traditional DTC marketing. If pharma is going to leap to a new era of marketing, they have to get to know their audiences.

Let’s back up a second, though. More research is coming out about consumers changing shopping habits because of inflation. Some believe that these behaviors won’t translate to prescription drugs, but that would be a mistake.

More and more patients are becoming consumers of healthcare and want a more significant say in treatment options. Drug companies can’t afford to supply prescription drugs; they need to get to know what their audience needs and wants to stay on branded products.

So what does that mean?

1ne: Content created to help patients navigate their health conditions. Don’t think of content to “sell”; think of content that explains how to live with health issues.

2wo: Embrace the relationship and enhance it. Let people register on your site for updates on health issues they may be interested in. eMail marketing still provides a great ROI, but very few pharma companies use it because of complexities and privacy issues.

3hree: Engage your customers. Sponsor online chats with thought leaders and send them free stuff to say “thank you.” You can, for example, send a free laminated chart with tips on living with Type 2 diabetes.

Do you see a pattern here? Move from just selling people to an era of engaging them and making them feel like they are essential to your company.

Pharma can ill afford to sell Rxs and then move on to the next prospect. It’s time to get closer to your customers.