60% of patients had physical last year?

whichsegmentAccording to Kantar Media’s annual physical segments 60% of patients had a physical last year.  The problem is that this statistic varies widely by age group and income.  We also have to remember that some people believe they had a physical last year when in fact it has been several years since their last physical.

What surprised me last tear, during research, is that there were so many young people who had not had annual physicals as well as a lot of people who had high co-pay insurance health plans.  Surely it would be in the patients and insurers best interests to get an annual physical and catch potentially health problems before they become chronic conditions requiring more care and healthcare dollars ?

Kantar-Media-2013-Healthcare-infographics kantaremedia

While the Kantar MARS OTC/DTC study does provide some general insights the insights are too broad to be of any use to DTC marketers who need a more in depth understanding of patient behavior.  I, for example, would want to know how often patients get physicals within MY targeted segment.

If you’re going to purchase market research data than my recommendation is to both purchase services from a company that does it’s own research, not repurposes others, and to purchase data that drills down to your market.  It’s for this reason that one of my first questions to potential clients is “do you purchase Manhattan Research?”.