3 Things to ask at any DTC meeting

KEY TAKEAWAY: Pharma is ingrained in a culture of meetings and presentations.  It’s been that way for over 20 years and is part of a matrix environment that shares decision making and waters down key initiatives.  However, DTC marketers can ensure success by asking these three questions.

1ne: What is the objective? – No, not every marketing tactic is to “drive sales”.  Some are to raise awareness of new treatments while others are to remind patients that there some health problems which can be helped by going to your doctor.  BOTTOM LINE: Have a clear, agreed upon, objective for your marketing initiatives. 

2wo: How are we going to define success?– No marketing campaign should be launched without ensuring that your team has agreed on what success looks like.

3hree: How will we define success throughout the organization? While you might think success is traffic to your website it won’t mean much if people say “so what?” and “how did this drive sales?”.  Yes, pharma has to learn to move away from a sales culture, but with CEO’s compensated on stock performance that’s not about to change anytime soon.

When our team meets with any client we always ask ourselves, before the meeting, what are the objectives?  We don’t have the time to go into meetings without accomplishing an objective. DTC can be more effective if you ask, beforehand, the key questions and get buy-in from the organization on success metrics.