WHAT I”M THINKING: Are there things wrong with the pharma industry? Yes, but because of the pharma industry people are living longer lives with a better quality of life. Our whole healthcare system is dysfunctional and in order to bring about change every patient touchpoint needs to examined as well as pointing out that people are not exactly taking care of themselves.

SUMMARY: 70% of the people Axios surveyed say they’ve used the internet to research symptoms or learn more about health conditions. And 51% use apps or other tech tools to track their sleep, fitness or diet.

  • But as people’s needs shift from personal information-gathering into the formal health care system, their tech usage begins to fall.
  • Only 44% have accessed their medical records online, and fewer than 25% have used the internet to manage chronic conditions, mental health, or their health care spending.

SUMMARY: Via Business Insider “CEOs have for decades chanted the mantra of shareholder supremacy and placed cost-cutting and short-term profits above all else. That mindset, however, just might be changing.” It might be changing in other industries but within pharma, the mindset is still “short term balance sheet”.