Time to admit it “healthcare in the US is a mess”

  • Even with health insurance, more than a third of the respondents in a recent survey had spent all or most of their savings while sick. They are often faced with deductibles and co-payments; treatments their insurance won’t cover.
  • Among people with health insurance, more than 20 percent had trouble paying for basic necessities. More than a quarter had bills in collection, and 13 percent had borrowed money as a result of their illness.
  • The annual cost for a family to get health coverage from an employer plan rose 5% to $19,616 this year, according to recently released data from the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation.
  • Workers contributed $5,547 for family coverage, on average, in 2018, up 65% since 2008, and $1,186 for single coverage.
  • About 25 percent of adults in a recent poll said that they or a family member have avoided seeking medical attention because of the cost.

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