While media appoints Keytruda king Oncologists say “show me the data”

KEY TAKEAWAY:  The news out of AACR, from the media’s standpoint, is that Keytruda (Merck) scored a huge win with the press release that cancer patients can live longer with Keytruda and chemotherapy, but beyond the hype doctors are questioning the data and saying “I need to more”. Continue reading

Patients don’t care who is responsible for high drug costs

KEY TAKEAWAY: When the head of the FDA saysfar too many patients find themselves in “a financial no-man’s land” because of shouldering the costs of cancer medications” you know that something is terribly wrong.  The fact is that patients and caregivers couldn’t give a damn about who is responsible for high drug costs they just want to empty life savings because of treatments. Continue reading

Pharma’s incessant need for meetings

KEY TAKEAWAY:  Talk to anyone within pharma and you’re likely to find that their calendar is filled with meetings.  Even medical people are often pulled from the field to attend costly training meetings that waste time and money.  Why haven’t pharma companies used online training more to help reduce expenses? Continue reading

Although mHealth is growing in popularity, the evidence for efficacy is still limited

KEY TAKEAWAY: It’s easy to understand why health systems are so interested in mHealth. Smartphones have been creeping into every facet of modern life for more than a decade, providing unprecedented access to huge patient populations. “More than 100,000 (health) applications are now available in the leading app stores, and the assortment is constantly growing, but 65% are health and fitness apps. Continue reading