10 things to look for in a good pharma emarketer?

QUICK READ: eMarketing people are going to be a key part of your brand’s success yet too many recycled eMarketing people will jump from company to company to enhance their personal brand. Look for these qualities when hiring an eMarketing person.

1ne: A good pharma marketer can develop a digital marketing strategy that balances user wants with marketing needs.

2wo: They understand it’s important to think like a patient when developing strategies.

3hree: They have the ability to convince influencers within the company the importance of digital in driving business objectives.

4our: They are constantly monitoring digital initiatives to learn and optimize their online marketing.

5ive: They haven’t bounced around from one pharma company to another and are not keen on developing their personal brand.

6ix: They know that programmatic advertising wastes a lot of money.

7even: They start developing an online strategy before the product is approved by the FDA.

8ight: They try and learn as much as possible about their target customer.

9ine: They budget for online user research including usability studies.

10en: They deliver dashboards that tell a story instead of just numbers.

Under no circumstances should you hire a marketer because they “will fit in” but they shouldn’t be disruptive either. They should always ask “why?” and “why not?” but with respect. They have to be great salespeople to sell their ideas and need to understand the importance of digital in driving key brand objectives.