10 questions every pharma digital marketing person should be able to answer

HEY NOW: Pharma is pouring more money into digital but a lot of the money is being wasted. Here are some questions that ever pharma eMarketer and/or agency person should be able to answer on short notice..

1ne: Where is our engaged traffic coming from? I’m not talking about clicks, I’m talking about people who come to your site and read a few pages o content. You should be able to answer this question and provide a rationale as to why.

2wo: Where are people going after they leave our site? A clickstream analysis is essential to learn if your audience is comparing your product to competitors.

3hree: What is the most common path visitors are taking through our site and what does this mean? This is probably the most overlooked metric but it can help you better understand the thought process visitors are going through as they determine if your products are the answer to their problems.

4our: Which paid media is leading to “cost per desired action”? If your objective is to have people download coupons for your product you should be able to match that goal to paid media. By the way, anyone, and I mean anyone, that talks about online impressions is full of shit.

5ive: What re the insights from social media, and what are we doing to make those insights actionable? Speed is the key to capturing and acting on the buzz.

6ix: Why is our bounce rate so high if we did a usability study? Usability studies are only as good as your target audience insights but one or two studies aren’t enough to apply results.

7even: Why are page view times so short? Because either your content is too wordy, doesn’t talk to your audience or is beyond their comprehension.

8ight: How much of our programmatic advertising is fraud? Some estimates put it at 40-45%.

9ine: What content updates are planned?

10en: Is there a correlation between traffic to our website and our offline media plan?

Of all the time and websites people are chasing to come to your site. You need to do everything you can to keep them there.