10 Essential pharma content strategy must-haves

SUMMARY: Pharma has not embraced a content strategy when the number of online health seekers is climbing. A content management strategy can lead to a better brand-patient relationship and turn customers into brand ambassadors.

I’m not a huge believer in content strategy for CPGs. I feel that there is so much content already out there that people don’t have the time to read it all. With that being said, there is a huge difference when it comes to healthcare content. Online health seekers specifically go online to read about medications and health issues. So why isn’t pharma leveraging a content strategy on product websites?

Online health seekers have many questions and often have to go to several different websites to get their questions answered. In contrast, there is evidence that they may be relying on social media for answers; misinformation is rampant and could lead to bad treatment decisions.

Today the hot button metric that digital marketers like to talk about is engagement. The more patients engage with your brand, the more likely they are to become brand ambassadors and point other online health seekers to your product.

Digital agencies are trying to push the envelope when it comes to a content strategy. It’s not easy, but they are trying to convey the importance of being the brand spokesperson for certain health conditions.

Essentials of a pharma content strategy

1ne: Listen to what your audience wants to know. This isn’t hard to do given the amount of social media posts about different health conditions but the lag time between buzz and content has to be shortened to days, not weeks.

2wo: Credible content. You have at your disposal a wealth of thought leaders who would probably love to write content for your product website. Pharma should be leveraging their expertise to help enhance the patient brand relationship.

3hree: Formatting. There is a direct correlation between the length of content and drop-off rate”. People have the attention span of a gnat, and digital marketers need to take this into account. Use callouts to emphasize key points and add a bullet point summary at the beginning.

5ive: Remove unused content and replace it with new content. The frequency is contingent upon your audience’s needs.

6ix: Content should be easy to read and understand. In MS Word you can analyze the reading level of your content. It should be below an 8th-grade reading level.

7even: Use a CMS so that IT people don’t need to be involved.

8ight: Don’t use a content strategy to promote your product. Your objective is to educate and inform not to sell constantly.

9ine: Don’t expect immediate results from your content strategy. It’s going to take time to build trust with your audience.

10en: Make it easy to share. Yes, you can help online health seekers share non-promotional health content.

A stagnant product website is a waste of money and time and a missed opportunity to bring your audience closer to your brand.