World of DTC Marketing hits 70,000 readers

thankuAfter reviewing my web analytics I found that between the RSS feed, LinkedIn, and direct traffic world of DTC Marketing has hit 70,000 readers a month.  I can’t say thank you enough but I want to also let you know of some exciting changes coming.

I have learned a lot from all my years of blogging and being a digital marketing Linchpin and it’s time to integrate those learnings.  Starting Monday you’re going to see the following changes to the site:

(1) A new simple, clean responsive layout – No clutter so you can focus on the posts.

(2) Post Summaries – I know a lot of my readers are very busy so I am going to include post summaries with every post.

(3) Continued link, via content box, for the Pharma &  Medical Device Scoop it page.

I hope these changes will make my site easier to read and navigate.  While I am humbled at the number of readers my goal has always been to share my passion and love of working in healthcare marketing.


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