Why can’t we fix “the affordable care act”

imgres“It’s better than nothing at all”.  That seems to be the consensus of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  The ACA is far from perfect but if we believe as a nation and people that everyone is entitled to health care and that nobody should be denied coverage or dropped because of a health condition than we should take the current bill and make it better.  It would involve a lot of hard work but it can and should be improved.  Here are my recommendations..

(1) Select a panel of healthcare industry leaders including representatives from pharmaceutical and insurance companies along with physicians and hospital groups.

(2) Let them work on the current bill piece by piece without any interference from political leaders of either party.

(3) Have their suggestions reviewed by an executive panel that has no political or financial ties to any health care entity.

The key issue that we are going to have to decide is whether or not “for profit” health care is the norm for this country and to what extent for profit healthcare can balance the key concept of health care for everyone.  While this sounds like a simplistic solution it is one that is workable.  I do know that insurance company CEO’s should not be the primary winners in the ACA.

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