What’s the point of pharma conferences?

waste_timeKEY TAKEAWAY: Pharma conferences are not meant to “improve marketing, rather they are a forum for marketers to share their marginal accomplishments.  Over the course of the year there are a lot of pharma conferences that focus on marketing yet pharma marketing still is stuck in the past.

John Mack, via Twiiter said “you think conferences are supposed to improve marketing? Ha!” and I have to agree.  When you look at the list of speakers you usually find the same old usual mouthpieces of pharma people who are trying to ensure their personal brands stay out there so they can look for the next opportunity, not to improve pharma marketing which is in dire need of change.


Let’s be honest here, the purpose of pharma conferences is..

1ne: As a profit center for the sponsor who charges big bucks for attending.

2wo: A chance for vendors to garner new leads.

3hree: As a self-promotional, ego stroking, platform for pharma employees to take to their next review.

Why don’t these conferences work to share information? Because the legal and regulatory people who need to see what others are doing are stuck back in their cubicles red lining progressive marketing programs and because what works in one patient population won’t work with others.


Between conferences and pharma awards one actually might get the feeling that pharma marketers are actually making a difference but that a pure canard.  Trust in pharma is at an all time low; pharma websites are stuck in Web 2.0, patients are making decisions without input from pharma and insurers have too much power.  Kind of reminds me of Nero fiddling while Rome burns…





One thought on “What’s the point of pharma conferences?

  1. Though the pharmaceutical industry has made a lot of strides in recent years to modernize their marketing campaigns, it seems that many are stuck in the past. The truth is, digital media has changed the industry for the better. Companies need to adapt or else they’ll be left behind.

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