Pharma lags in new media and marketing

always-learning-never-failing1According to Steve Brozak via a Forbes Blog post With the advent of the Information Age, marketing has been transformed from mass distribution to targeted, individualized communications aimed at smaller and smaller demographic groups. Recipients of marketing messages are chosen based on criteria such as age, income level and the last item for which they searched on the Internet. Eventually, marketing efforts could become unique to the individual for whom it is intended.Large pharmaceutical companies have yet to catch up to the trend.  The light of the obvious burns brightest. Continue reading

Is pharma prepared for more investment in digital ?

Image-Disease-Health-Keys-ID-10094991The good news is that pharma companies are planning to invest more money into digital marketing, the bad news is that pharma is planning to invest more money into digital marketing.  With most pharma companies continuing to layoff people and the demand for digital marketers increasing I wonder if pharma can attract digital marketing people and start building capabilities.  They could of course rely on agencies but most agencies don’t have the patience or time to educate marketers on what should be done to engage empowered patients.  Continue reading