Barriers to digital marketing excellence within pharma

cancer_patients_thrive_onlineKEY TAKEAWAY: Why can’t pharma achieve digital excellence and become a marketing leader rather than a follower?   There is no one simple answer to that question, but the core of the problem seems to be an acceptance of mediocrity when it comes to engaging patients and then blaming it on the fact that “we’re a regulated industry”. That is a sorry excuse that is contributing to less effective DTC marketing
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Pharma low on the list of digital marketing

Digital PharmaFrom a report from Capgemini Consulting comes this summary of pharma digital marketing; Some companies are what we call the “Digirati.” They have the digital maturity not only to build digital innovations, but also to drive enterprise-wide transformation. And they benefit from their actions. Digirati have significantly higher financial performance than their less digitally-mature competitors. Where does pharma rank ? At the bottom where you thought they would be… Continue reading “Pharma low on the list of digital marketing”

Pharma: Leadership is the most decisive factor for a digital program’s success or failure.

Small-Ad-Agency-AdvantageAccording to McKinsey Global Survey results executives most often attribute the success of digital programs to managerial factors—senior management’s interest and attention, internal leadership, good program management, and alignment between organizational structure and goals— and are less likely to cite any technical considerations.  In fact across most of the C-suite, larger shares of respondents report that their companies’ senior executives are now supporting and getting involved in digital initiatives.  However this is an area where pharma still lags badly. Continue reading “Pharma: Leadership is the most decisive factor for a digital program’s success or failure.”

THE biggest challenge in pharma digital marketing

UMH-Digital-Marketing-Panel-Discussion-With-Industry-ExpertsDTC advertising is down 22%, a lot of drugs are coming off patent and consumers are using the internet in record numbers for health according to my report for eMarketer.  While the ePharma conference meets a lot of very good people know what has to be done but are the right people there to make it happen ?  The biggest challenge may not be launching a digital marketing initiative it maybe just convincing management that they need to invest in digital marketing NOW. Continue reading “THE biggest challenge in pharma digital marketing”