What does putting patients first mean ?

East Kent picPutting patients first, we see a lot of drug companies and insurers using that phrase, but what does it exactly mean ?  Mr Merck once said that good medicine will lead to good profits but today it seems that too many are focused on “selling” the public in an era when they don’t want to be sold.  If we, as DTC marketers, put patients first that passion will translate into profits.  So why is it so hard to communicate passion for patients in big pharma ? Continue reading

Putting patients first

MillsChang11-2012While I was listening to the discussion on a conference call about some possible digital marketing initiatives for a client I asked a question that nobody had considered “what about the patients?”.  There was an uncomfortable silence and then someone finally said “do we know what our patients really want and need here to make an educated choice?”  It’s a very simple guideline but with talk of KPI’s and business objectives we sometimes forget to get back to marketing 101 and give our audience what THEY want. Continue reading