Irrational euphoria over mobile health

KEY TAKEAWAY: Tech mania is resurgent when it comes to mobile health . Investors are again, glancing at a clock with no hands — and dismissing the risk.  Nobody wants to be left behind in case the next “facebook” of health should appear, but the recent sale of WebMD should be a warning that there is a lot of money to be lost in the mobile health market.

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Online diagnosers and mobile health

photoxpress_1858376When it comes to looking for health information online, consumers have had fairly consistent behaviors over the past 12 years. A report, Online Health 2013, from The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project found that of the 81 percent of US adults who use the internet, 72 percent have gone online to look for health information in the past year. Some 59 percent of that online health information seeker group went online to specifically try to figure out what medical condition they or someone they know has. Pew calls this group “online diagnosers” and it includes about 35 percent of all US adults. What does this mean for DTC marketers? Continue reading

Why direct to consumer mobile video visits with physicians is a bad idea

photoxpress_1858376Last week Boston-based American Well made its telehealth service available as a direct-to-consumer offering. Now anyone with a camera-equipped smartphone, tablet, or computer can conduct a video visit with a physician for $49 — assuming you live in a state that doesn’t prohibit it.  Is a mobile visit with a physician a good idea ?  I don’t believe so and here are my reasons. Continue reading