DTC: More targeted ads?

KEY TAKEAWAY:Per STAT news “in 2016, the most recent year in which data are available, spending on drug ads reached an estimated $7.6 billion, counting both traditional and digital channels.  Most that money still goes to TV and print, the industry’s old stalwarts for reaching a mass audience”. Allergan pointed to the company’s historically large national TV advertising budget as an opportunity for cost-cutting.  Will others follow? Continue reading

No, DTC ads are not going away

According to STAT “a drug advertising conference this week in Boston was packed with self-congratulatory sessions celebrating inspiring campaigns. But there was an undercurrent of unease about the prospect of a federal crackdown on pharma commercials”.  Despite what you hear or read DTC advertising is not going anywhere. Continue reading

DTC marketers addicted to TV ?

the_obvious_escapes_manyPost Summary: TV, when used strategically as part of an integrated marketing approach, can generate awareness with target audiences but today generating awareness is often not enough to get people into their doctor to ask about your product.  There isn’t one approach that can work across all brands and health conditions but one could argue that what is needed is an integrated approach beyond TV to get consumers to take action. Continue reading