A short rope to implement change is an opportunity

rope-pullPOST SUMMARY: According to John Mack “I have a slightly different view, which is that “insiders” are given a short rope to make change but end up being hung by the rope instead. These pharma “insider” change agents then become “outsiders.”  What Mack fails to acknowledge is that part of our job is to pull the rope until we get the slack needed to make a difference in patients’ lives.   Continue reading

Pharma: Change agents wanted !

UnknownIf I here someone say the real change agents in an organization are those who tell the truth again I’m going to have a fit.  While it’s true that pharma needs change agents the very nature of the pharma organization often prohibits people from becoming change agents and telling the truth because “they might step on someones toes”.  With 360 reviews and jobs in short supply it takes both a lot of courage and stamina to be a patient advocate. Continue reading