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What do cancer patients need from Oncologists

Dr__Patient1_bedisde_-_landscapeKEY TAKEAWAY: There are more cancer drugs in development than any other therapeutic area, but cancer patients, and caregivers, needs are largely going unmet when it comes to the physician-patient relationship. Cancer patients want a relationship that focuses on open communication and helps them understand the therapies they are receiving. Continue reading

Challenges remain in treating cancer patients

screenshot_214In 2014, the United States made significant progress in cancer care as demonstrated by improvement in the five- year cancer survival rate for many cancer types and a record 14.5 million cancer survivors, as well as by the availability of 10 new drugs and several new tests for the diagnosis, treatment, or management of cancer according to a report from ASCO.
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ASCO conference had significantly less of an impact on Oncologist future behavior

Asco impactIn June 2013, Encuity Research conducted an online study with 100 oncologists who attended the 2013 ASCO conference, to better understand perceptions about the conference and to assess how ASCO may impact future prescribing behavior. Among the key findings; Oncologists reported that the 2013 ASCO conference had significantly less of an impact on their future behavior than the 2012 conference. Just 16% of attendees reported that they are likely to change patient treatments based on this year’s ASCO conference, compared with 40% in 2012. Continue reading

ASCO: Patients lost in the data…

images-1Another ASCO and more press releases about drugs extending the lives of patients vs. placebos.  Lost in all the data are the stories about the quality of life that cancer patients want and need from today’s cancer drugs.  In a way the FDA has failed a to implement a key measure that would ultimately help cancer patients decide whether the cost and treatment(s) are really beneficial. Continue reading