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Survey: Biggest worry for pharma is changing business model

Cegedim Relationship Management has undertaken its third annual survey of life sciences professionals in the United States to provide a real-time snapshot of this year’s trends.  This year reveals distinct concerns with the flux of the current commercial model and reinforces the support for digital solutions. Nearly three-fourths (74%) of respondents point to the changing commercial business model as the biggest issue keeping them up at night. 

The formidable issues of concern remain constant from 2011 to 2012, especially the evolution of the current business model which holds fast as the primary concern.

  • Based on a scale from one to five, nearly three-fourths (74%) of respondents ranked the changing commercial business model as their first, second or third priority of concern.
  • Results for other customer groups were evenly divided among patients (19%), government (17%) and managed care organizations (16%).

The drivers of change are themselves evolving. Executive management and strategy/business planning/business development teams are proving to be the most evident drivers of technology and business model changes.

  • Executive management (46%) is the primary driver of tech decisions, followed by business (sales and marketing) departments at 25% and IT at 18%.
  • Over half of respondents (55%) cite strategy/business planning/business development to drive main business model and process changes.

The prioritized changes to the business model that these drivers are pushing towards have been clearly outlined by respondents.

  • The leading category cited by 64% respondents is an increased focus on market access strategies, followed distantly by primary sales force realignment (38%) and increased focus on managed markets (35%).

Respondents express their continued focus on leveraging effective mobile tools with insights into tablet usage and their favorite mobile operating systems.

  •  Eight out of ten (80%) report that they are currently using or will be using tablets in their organization.
  •  Field sales/account management (61%) account for

    the most active mobility team.

Social media has firmly established its value in the life sciences business model, making significant gains between 2011 and 2012.

  •  Virtuallyallrespondents(96%)areactiveonLinkedIn and 70% of respondents are active on Facebook.
  •  Marketing (64%), PR (42%) and sales departments (38%) are the most active regarding social media usage.
  •  Although budgets remain small for social media, respondents illustrated notable gains in 2012 .

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