Someone forgot to tell doctors about “mobile health”

Businessman pushing large rock uphillKEY TAKEAWAY: The hype around mobile health continues to grow, but perhaps someone might want to talk with physicians before developing mobile devices that could drown doctors in  data they may not trust or want.

A wearable fitness device that automatically sends data to a doctor from your wearable forgot to ask the doctors when they are supposed to find the time to review all this data, not to mention the discussion around compensation to review this data.

I have found that most doctors could care less about the fitness trackers I use.  When it comes to medical apps or device trackers, unless it’s been peer reviewed it doesn’t exist and there is the huge opportunity for pharma.


A wearable device, or app, that has been clinically developed and tested against patient outcomes could do very well, especially if insurers buy-in that it can provide better patient outcomes.  If pharma can build the infrastructure to develop, test and get buy-in from doctors they are going to find success where others can’t.  It’s going to take vision and perseverance, but strategically it goes beyond the pill to add value.

When you read about mobile health remember that there are a lot of hands out looking for venture capital dollars and that 98% of them will be gone in 2-3 years.  What these people desperately need is not young technologists, but experienced healthcare marketers who understand what it takes to succeed with doctors and patients.

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