Proof of too many pharma conferences

imgresKEY TAKEAWAY: When pharma “conferences” start recruiting “self proclaimed” social media experts as MCs, it’s time to ask yourself “why are there so many pharma conferences”?

I have to say that I was taken back when I learned that ePharma has hired Jay Baer as the MC for their pharma conference in March.  This is a person who told us all, not too along ago, that all brands needed to be on social media and that social media marketing was going to save marketers.  He has made a living from living off the ignorance of brands that feel they need  a better understanding of social media at a time when social media marketing is in the toilet.

Houston, we have a problem!

Rather than recruiting someone who has done well working the “system” I would have much rather heard from the person who spearheaded the HF social unbranded site or the person at Pfizer who is integrating apps to help people with depression.  Definitely not a person who has zero pharma experience and has never successfully worked on/for a  brand other than himself.


Let’s be honest.  Pharma conferences, for the most part, are profit centers.  They charge a lot of money to “attend” which gives vendors access to your company and very few actually provide real value beyond a bullet point on a resume.

Surely ePharma could have, and should have done better.


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