Where pharma is losing business

KEY TAKEAWAY: According to DRG 31% of adults leave a website if they can’t get the information they want in a couple of clicks and 45% of online adults don’t trust online information because of fake news.  Pharma is letting these opportunities go down the drain.

Pharma websites are starting to look like generic websites and more and more online health seekers are saying “pharma websites don’t meet our needs”.  Why can’t most pharma companies develop a great online brand experience?

There are no shortcuts to creating a great pharma product website.  Usability testing, content that delivers and having an intuitive navigation are all extremely important in providing online health seekers what they want and need.  When I launched Cialis.com it was the result of over four months of testing with our target audience.  We understood what they wanted and combined it with the key brand objectives.

In all the qual research that I have been involved with over the last five years pharma product websites continue to rank low in terms of quality of health information.  In addition, most users still complain that content is hard to understand.  Pharma, to date, has not responded, but instead continue to think that the visitors means they are succeeding when deeper analysis of the analytics suggests anything but.

What is so frustrating about all this is that TV DTC is proving to be less and less effective according to continued research.  When we suggest, to a client, that they do a click stream analysis of online visitors they are  usually surprised that online health seekers go to other websites including competitors.  I can also say that online health seekers think it’s a pain in the ass to visit so many health sites to get the information they want and need.  Why pharma doesn’t reach out to very credible thought leaders to write content is puzzling.

Pharma websites still have a long way to go to really become a great online health resource. Pharma needs innovators and pirates to shake things up, but we know that they rarely make it past HR.

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