The truth isn’t the truth until people believe you

KEY TAKEAWAY: Only 9% of U.S. consumers believe pharma and biotechnology companies put patients over profits.   Just 28 percent of Americans have a positive view of drug makers, while 19 percent reported feeling neutral and 51 percent have a negative view.  Do pharma CEO’s even care? Continue reading

Value-Based Care?

KEY TAKEAWAY: “The U.S. spent nearly $3.4 trillion on healthcare in 2016, yet we achieve worse results and a lower life expectancy than most other developed countries. The challenge lies in converting investment into better results for individual health care consumers, rather than looking at people as statistics.” This is from a report by Aetna but one has to wonder if they’re reading their own materials? Continue reading

There isn’t always an app for health

KEY TAKEAWAY: Personal anecdotes of experiences with a particular drug or other form of treatment may have little relevance to whether that treatment fits another person . The truth is that some patients delay health care for too long, or opt out of evidence-based treatment in favor of something of dubious benefit that’s talked about in social media or other, less than credible, website.  Apps and the Internet are no substitute for a trained medical professional. Continue reading

Why won’t pharma work on the foundation before building a house?

KEY TAKEAWAY: Pharma websites have high bounce rates and less time on the site because their target audience isn’t finding what they need and the homepage looks like a medical journal ad.  Before pharma companies can even talk about exploring new digital channels they need to get their websites right. Continue reading