Why I’m rooting for the people at Biogen

imagesKEY TAKEAWAY:  While investors seem to buy or sell on tidbits of news about new drugs ultimately it’s patients who win or lose when new drugs make it through the stringent development and approval process.  The dedication of the employees at Biogen Idec are going to have to put in a lot of hours to ensure that the promise of the pipeline is fulfilled. Continue reading »

Mobile health apps: a new opportunity for healthcare marketers

According to eMarketer: 43 US consumers switched to smartphones in the time it took you to read this.  As  healthcare moves to the efficiency of online communications the development of health apps is going to continue to play a bigger role in healthcare.  Biopharma marketers should be developing capabilities and learnings now when it comes to mobile apps for health because the future is in mobile. Continue reading »

Can DTC ads lead to action?

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: Awareness of new healthcare treatments is not always enough to lead to action.  Pharma DTC marketers need to develop a decision tree and test possible calls to action to determine what will actually drive patients to ask about healthcare treatments. Continue reading »

What do patients & doctors want in E H R’s

thinkstockphotos-483481733_0KEY TAKEAWAY: Patient’s aren’t using physician portals and most doctors think that EHR vendors are purposely making their lives a living hell.  Rather than try and be all things to every patient and doctor EHR vendors need to streamline software to deliver real value to users. Continue reading »

Examples of going beyond the pill

screenshot_57KEY TAKEAWAY: Some DTC marketers are working with their agencies to add value to patients.  While the debate about the effectiveness of these campaigns can be robust what’s really important is that they are learning about how to go beyond the pill at a time when it’s en vogue to demonize pharma. Continue reading »

The biggest barrier to great DTC? The FDA

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: There are two reasons why DTC advertising is not recognized as great marketing; first and foremost, there is the FDA, which is run by scientists and doesn’t understand marketing and how consumers are making health care decisions.  Second, there are too many conservative M L R teams and a lack of talented marketers to ensure DTC stays relevant. Continue reading »

Oncology pipeline huge, but costly

oncology-drugs-250x250KEY TAKEAWAY: The oncology drug pipeline is far larger than any other therapy area across the pharmaceutical industry, with 6,484 products in active development across all indications, but 90% of these drugs will not make it into Phase III clinical trials. Continue reading »