Reality of mHealth start-ups

Unknown-1KEY TAKEAWAY:A central theme in today’s tech industry is that start-ups, which promise to disrupt lucrative businesses,  become valued on the basis of fantasies about their potential rather than present reality. Investors are so keen to get a piece of any sexy-sounding startup that they lap up entrepreneurs’ hype—and anyone who asks awkward questions risks being cut out of the funding round in favor of someone more trusting. Continue reading “Reality of mHealth start-ups”

Working with legal to approve DTC marketing materials

UnknownThe thought of meeting with your legal people to clear new marketing materials can terrify marketing people, especially if your legal people like to become editors as well as lawyers.   However, remember that they are there to do a job just like you and there are things that you can do to enhance the relationship between marketing and legal.  Here are some guidelines that have worked well for me over the years. Continue reading “Working with legal to approve DTC marketing materials”