Biosimilars poised to make dent in branded Rx sales

bg_biosimilarPOST SUMMARY: Biosimilars are possible thanks to the Affordable Care Act and the law’s promise to bring cheaper versions of expensive biotech drugs to the U.S. market.  The biosimilar of Neupogen will save the U.S. health system more than $5.5 billion over the next decade, assuming a “conservative discount of 30 percent off the current brand price,” Express Scripts said Continue reading »

Why patients won’t use “rating” sites

UnknownPOST SUMMARY: Yet another rating site has appeared on the horizon called Health Tap. Yet the number of patients that are using these sites, as John Mack pointed out with patients like me, is not a big sample because these sites require users to register and log in, which scares off the majority of users. Continue reading »

Apple’s Research Kit

screenshot_208(Bloomberg) — Apple Inc.’s new ResearchKit software platform turns the iPhone into a diagnostic tool drawing medical data from millions of potential customers, creating a boon for researchers and a headache for privacy advocates.  Just how viable is this announcement and is it more sizzle than steak? Continue reading »

AbbVie Wins Bidding War but looses

ar132761516213089POST SUMMARY: Pharmacyclics, the publicly traded cancer drug company is being sold to AbbVie for $21 billion. The amount stunned Wall Street, pushed aside one of the giants of the pharmaceutical sector, Johnson & Johnson, and set off a debate about whether AbbVie had paid too much.  In fact, they did pay too much. Continue reading »

Digital health: an oxymoron?

UnknownPOST SUMMARY: When it comes to managing your health no digital tool, app, website, is going to replace the knowledge and skill of your doctor.  It’s therefore essential that physicians learn to reach out to patients and treat the whole person at a time when our health care system is in the midst of a new era. Continue reading »

Testosterone Therapy: Over promoted ?

An estimated 50% of men have histologic evidence of BPH by age 50.  However one of the biggest complaints of aging males is both the loss of energy and lower sex drive.  Is testosterone therapy the answer and are the current DTC spots that are running for testosterone therapy making promises that aren’t proven by clinical evidence ? Continue reading »

The danger to online health seekers

inter-1POST SUMMARY: According to the Pew Internet Project, 72 percent of US internet users look up health-related information online. But an astonishing number of the pages we visit to learn about private health concerns—confidentially, we assume—are tracking our queries, sending the sensitive data to third party corporations, even shipping the information directly to the same brokers who monitor our credit scores. It’s happening for profit, for an “improved user experience,” and because developers have flocked to “free” plugins and tools provided by data-vacuuming companies. Continue reading »

Patients aren’t statistics

nota statiscicPOST SUMMARY: Statistics.  They are everywhere today, especially stats on mobile users.  None of these statistics mean a damn thing because they don’t explain the why, where and how.  DTC marketers need deeper insights into how patients are using statistics within the disease condition THEY market to. Continue reading »

Pharma has a lot of work to do to “earn trust”

circletrustFresh from a Bloomerg news story comes this tidbit “Gilead Sciences Inc., whose $1,000-a-pill hepatitis C treatment is one of the world’s most expensive drugs, is avoiding billions of dollars in U.S. Taxes by booking profits overseas.” This is pure chutzpah and, it tells American consumers that we are going to put profits ahead of everything else and gives all of pharma a black eye. Continue reading »