What’s the point of pharma conferences?

waste_timeKEY TAKEAWAY: Pharma conferences are not meant to “improve marketing, rather they are a forum for marketers to share their marginal accomplishments.  Over the course of the year there are a lot of pharma conferences that focus on marketing yet pharma marketing still is stuck in the past. Continue reading »

Cheap money leads to pharma M&A

one dollaKEY TAKEAWAY: GlaxoSmithKline’s chief executive has warned that cheap money has increased the risk of companies making “poor choices” in mergers and acquisitions and questioned the “stretched” valuations of recent pharmaceuticals deals.  More than $460bn of deals have been struck across the pharma and biotech sectors since the start of last year — the busiest period of M&A on record.  So what effect is this going to have on DTC marketing and drug marketing in general?  Cuts and more cuts. Continue reading »

Pharma and social media: A qualitative look

analysis social mediaKEY TAKEAWAY: Analysis of two social media accounts, Twitter and Pinterest, show that the majority of followers were either industry people (media, agencies) and that patent followers were not engaging with the pharma brand. However levels of engagement vary by condition. Continue reading »

Patients get caught in the middle of pricing

UnknowninsurerKEY TAKEAWAY: DTC marketing is meant to drive new Rx’s but insurers are having a bigger say about which drugs patients get.  Can the drug industry make peace with insurers or is it going to be a battle of war between profits, Wall Street and patients. Continue reading »

DTC marketing experience is a curse

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY“When the world is changing quickly, experience can become a curse, trapping us in old ways of doing and knowing, while inexperience can be a blessing, freeing us to improvise and adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Those who choose to live and work on a learning curve will experience greater vitality in their careers and will be well positioned in the new game of work.” Continue reading »

Online communities can be an effective channel for health

cancer_patients_thrive_onlineAccording the Journal of Medical Internet Research “Online communities can be an effective channel for caregivers, especially women, to seek and offer information required for managing clubfoot-related uncertainty. To enhance communication with parents, health care institutions may need to invest additional resources in user-friendly online information sources and online interactions with caregivers of children with special illnesses such as clubfoot. Furthermore, explorations of information-seeking and information-provision behaviors in online communities can provide valuable data for interdisciplinary health research and practice.”  So why are pharma marketers continuing to ignore the needs of online health seekers ? Continue reading »

Pharma their own worst enemy

imagesKEY POINTS: Worldwide spending on cancer medicines reached $100 billion in 2014, an increase of 10.3 percent from 2013 and up from $75 billion five years earlier, according to IMS Health’s Global Oncology Trend Report.  Drugmakers worried about a backlash over soaring drug prices are increasingly talking with insurers ahead of time about paying for new therapies that could cost six figures a year. 14 drugs cost the federal government and Medicare beneficiaries more than $1 billion each, accounting for nearly a quarter of Medicare prescription drug spending in 2013.
Continue reading »

Online health is still about women

screenshot_264POST SUMMARY: Among women across markets, regardless of their marital status and whether they have children, 94 percent make decisions for themselves and 59 percent make healthcare decisions for others. Among those who work and have children under the age of 18, 94 percent make decisions for others. These decision makers, whom we call the Chief Medical Officers (CMOs)** of the family, comprise the industry’s core consumer segment, as they set the health and wellness agenda for themselves and others, choose treatment regimens, and hire and fire doctors, pharmacists, and insurance providers. Continue reading »

10 Reasons why talented people are leaving pharma?

UnknownPOST SUMMARY: Over the last three years there has been a steady exodus of marketing talent leaving pharma.  Forget about patent cliffs and empowered patients the biggest challenge facing pharma is the lack of talent within their organization.  Unless it’s corrected the marketing of prescription drugs is going to continue to be marginalized. Continue reading »

Social media and pharma marketing

mouseecg50-300x300Post Summary: While the use of social media by consumers has been increasing the FDA still has not issued social media marketing guidelines but even without these guidelines pharma marketers have to ask the question “do patients really want us as part of the conversation?”.  In conducting qualitative research on the use of social media in healthcare decisions by patients we found that the use of social media varies by condition and patient population.  However, social media can provide drug marketers with invaluable real time insights into patient populations. Continue reading »