Customers, not patients

customersPOST SUMMARY: In the health care industry, physicians call consumers “patients;” health plans call them “enrollees” or “members;” and bio-pharma companies refer to them as “users” or sometimes “subjects” if they are involved in a clinical trial.  However, like the new head of the Veterans Administration said, they are not patients, they are customers. Continue reading »

Pradaxa: What’s a patient to do?

UnknownPOST SUMMARY: As we learn to think like patients one has to wonder just what the hell a patient on the blood thinner Pradaxa wants to do given the new research that indicates the product may not be as safe as they believed. Continue reading »

Is pharma its own worst enemy?

Make sure your worst enemy is not living between your own two earsOne of the questions I get asked and asked again is “why haven’t most pharma companies changes in their approach to DTC and digital marketing?”.  The answer to this is complex, but at its heart most major consulting research has indicated that time and time again pharma is a laggard when it comes to change and hiring people who can really question current thinking when it comes to meeting the needs of consumers of healthcare. Continue reading »

How to measure the ROI of medical meetings

medical meetingPOST SUMMARY: Sponsoring a medical meeting can be expensive in dollars and time and there are ways to measure the ROI of these meetings.  The key is to understand the most important metric, for ROI, for your organization and then generate buy-in from key stakeholders. Continue reading »

Sanofi Fires CEO: Key lessons

UnknownPOST SUMMARY: The chief executive of Sanofi, Christopher Viehbacher, was fired this week by the French drug maker, but although his performance as CEO was admirable the key reason for his ouster was both a failure to communicate and a clash of cultures. Continue reading »

Pharma CEO’s: R&D versus pleasing shareholders

pharmaceutical r&DPOST SUMMARY: When it comes to investing in R&D “Wall Street cares about the business model. We care less about changing the world,” said Laura Martin, an analyst with Needham & Company. Can the drug find the courage to invest more in R&D when it’s more about the balance sheet? Continue reading »