How can biopharma attract, hold on to talent?

Unknown-1KEY TAKEAWAY: The biggest challenge facing the Biopharma industry is the continued exodus of talent from its ranks.  Great companies are made great, not just by products, but by great people who care about what they do and a desire to leave their organizations in a better place. Continue reading »

Access to online services increases, but not enough

UnknownDoctors’ offices are clearly enhancing patients’ opportunities to interact with the offices online. Since 2012, the number of patients who say their doctor offers a particular online communication service has increased across the board. Most notably, one quarter (25%, up from 17% in 2012) of patients now indicate they have online access to their medical record,  including doctor visits, prescriptions, test results and history. Email access to doctors has grown as well, from just 12% of patients indicating they had access in 2012 to one in five (19%) today. Continue reading »

The end of innovation?

imagesPOST SUMMARY: Innovation is one of the key elements to help biopharma companies overcome the challenges that face them, but are mergers going to lead to more innovation or burdensome processes designed to slow innovation to a crawl. Continue reading »

Pharma eMarketing: Challenges = Opportunities

innovationIf there one thing that you should take away from the ePharma conferences it’s that there is a hell of a lot of work to do when it comes to eMarketing in health care.  Sure, some companies are blazing new trails but for others without clear roads to follow they are staying put.  The good news is that there a lot of opportunity to really make a difference in patients’ lives and reach them with health and medical information to help them make better and informed treatment options. Continue reading »

Is a cancer moon shot possible?

screenshot_70Vice President Joe Biden is asking for a cancer moon shot, but is this wishful thinking or the door to a possibility?  Cancer is an elusive disease because there are so many different types of cancer, but the VP may just be asking others to dream and to think outside conventional medical wisdom. Continue reading »

WebMD Sale: Implications for DTC marketers

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: The correlation between traffic for a healthcare site and ROI is proving more elusive as consumers spend more time debating various treatment options yet drugmakers continue down a path of “build it and they will come”.  Think of the journey to treatment rather than just a digital component. Continue reading »

Drug makers to consumers “who cares what you think”

screenshot_355KEY TAKEAWAY: The drug companies could care less about consumers and patients.  Want proof? Look no further than the dismissal of patient concerns at a meeting in San Francisco when one executive said “Gregg Alton, the executive vice president for corporate and medical affairs, joked that he goes running. Then his tone turned serious as he talked about research, innovation, and the value of life-saving new drugs. “I sleep quite well,” he concluded. Continue reading »