Biopharma marketers need to focus on retention

retentionEarlier this week I got an email from a colleague who I consider one of the best marketers I have ever worked with telling me that she was going to “take a package” and leave pharma marketing.  I wish I could say that this doesn’t happen often, but it’s happening way too much and in my opinion the industry can’t continue to lose talent like this and replace them with people who have MBA’s and are afraid to push the envelope within our regulated environment. Continue reading »

The role of agencies in DTC marketing

partnetshipPOST SUMMARY: DTC marketers are going to have to rely more on more on agencies to help them develop breakthrough DTC marketing campaigns.  However, they need to stop treating agencies like vendors and make them a part of their strategic marketing team. Continue reading »

It’s 2015! What’s new in healthcare marketing?

2015 healthcare marketingPOST SUMMARY: While few would dispute that the pace of innovation has picked up, the outlook varies from one company to another — and many appear to be relying more on mergers and acquisitions than homegrown R&D to deliver new products. A record $250bn worth of deals was struck in 2014, and bankers and executives predict more this year as companies tap plentiful cash and cheap credit. But, eventually there won’t be as many companies to purchase and once again the focus is going to turn on marketing to meet sales goals. Continue reading »

What patients want from healthcare

UnknownPOST SUMMARY: I spent a lot of time this year leading qualitative research along with analyzing quantitative research.  I keep all the research report findings in a binder and while it’s true that a lot of the insights can’t be applied across all health conditions there are some common needs/wants.  Here are some of the most common..

Continue reading »

Happy Holidays


To all my readers; have a wonderful holiday with a lot of memories.  Because of the products we develop and market a lot of people are able to enjoy the season with friends and family.  However, we should not forget that there is a lot of work to do to earn the trust of patients, caregivers and HCP’s.  In the end the best thank you we can ever get is knowing that somewhere, someone is loving longer with a better quality of life.  Good medicine leads to good business.